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How to Order and other FAQs

Yara Alonso's Digital Bookshelf

How to Order and other FAQs


1. How do we order copy/copies of your e-novel?


Ans : You may click on the the "Products" link on Yara Alonso (Official Realm) Page, it can be found below the profile picture on the main page. It is a grocery cart-looking icon that's colored blue. Once clicked, it will direct you to the actual catalogue of available novels.


Here are the steps: 


Select whether you'd avail of PPV or E-book. Discussion of the difference between two formats are discussed on FAQ#2. In this example we selected E-book.


Select the novel/s you wish to avail.





Enter the quantity (default value is "1") and clik Add to bag.



Review of the selection/s you made will be the next screen.. Continue shopping if you wish to add more or click CHECK OUT if wanting to make a payment. 



 Select payment method. In this case, only Paypal payment will be processed. (If would be paying through G-CASH, send an email to [email protected] to place an order and pay to  09152674062.) If you have specific comments/request, put in details on "Any Request?" field. Fill out billing address information and click continue afterwards.




Order summary will be displayed next. Review your selections and go back to previous screens if you wish to make changes. Should you have existing account, just click "Have a Paypal Account?" link. Set up a Paypal account first if you don't have one.




Lastly, enter your Paypal credentials and complete the payment.



How to Order FAQ- con't...

2. Why are there two prices for every novel, one $2.50 and the other $4.50?


Ans : It is because the novels are available in two ways, pay per view (PPV) which costs $2.50 and e-book download (formats available for all e-readers) which is priced at $4.50.


When we talk about pay per view, all subscribers who opted for PPV are given privileges to read the novel on our Multiply site ( You have to simply log-in to your own multiply account, then open up Bookworms Realm's multiply site. Upon completion of order, the actual link will be provided to subscribers. In PPV, you would experience reading the stories as if you're physically flipping the pages of an actual book, only ours is in digital form. The downside of availing PPV is that you have to be connected to the internet as you have to be logged in to multiply and the access has an expiration date.


E-book download is like buying the book itself and downloading it to your kindle, sony e-reader, tablet, Ipad, nook and other e-reader enabled or pdf-enabled devices. Since choosing this is owning the actual copy, you have the liberty to read the novel/s over and over again.


3. What is the mode of payment? 


Ans : We prefer Paypal, especially to subscribers overseas but we are also accepting G-CASH. Soon enough, bank and remittance center payments will also be accepted especially after hardcopies are already printed. 


All paypal payments must be paid to [email protected] and G-CASH payments to 09152674062.


4. Is PPV expiration really just five (5) days?


It really is just five (5) days, but you could send us a request for any extension. You can send a PM to my Yara Alonso facebook account, shoot me an email at [email protected] or simply send a request to Bookworms Realm Secretariat at [email protected] If we deemed a subscription to merit an extension based on your request and reason, there will definitely be an extension. 


5. I tried subscribing through Bookworms Realm Digital Publishing (Official Publisher Page) and  Bookworms Realm Digital Publishing (Official Author's Lounge) but received no feedback?


We sincerely apologize for that inconvinience. To those who had tried to do a PHONE ORDER through Paypal in those two channels mentioned above, the order you made were tagged PHONE ORDER when gets submitted to us, since we don't do PHONE ORDERS, the said order remains an ORDER unless an actual Paypal payment was made. Sorry that we overlooked that details when we first set-up our order system, but we had already rectified it.  


It's always a good practice to email [email protected] and/or [email protected] before and after payment was made so we could readily settle your transaction. Though sending an email is not required since the payment was made, we encourage you to do so just to ascertain that your money was credited to our paypal account and for faster transaction as well. 


6. What if I don't have any Paypal account?


Apart from paypal, for the time being, we are accepting G-CASH payments as well. Send all G-CASH payments to 09152674062, but do email [email protected] to notify order and pending payment. 


7. What guarantee do we have that this is not a fraudulent or bogus order/transaction? 


Internet crimes such as fraudulent e-commerce and net transactions are rampant. Though we couldn't really give you any tangible proof/warranty/guarantee as we are a digital publishing, we ASSURE YOU that we are 101% real and we practice HONEST AND CLEAN BUSINESS.


We are a group of aspirant bestsellers in the Tagalog Romance industry in the Philippines and with that aspiration comes honesty in the things that we do, integrity in things we promise to deliver and the vision to always put our readers' satisfaction above all else.


Thank you!

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